Edge of Elsewhere at Sydney Festival January 2011

‘Edge of Elsewhere’ at Sydney Festival January 2011

Presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Sydney Festival held between 15 January to 15 March 2011.

Now in its second year, Edge of Elsewhere continues to showcase contemporary artists from across the Asia-Pacific with works commissioned through ongoing community engagement. With a bold commitment to artistic collaboration, Edge of Elsewhere engages Sydney’s diverse communities to tell suburban stories and examine contemporary ideas.

Artists include:
Brook Andrew (Australia)
Arahmaiani (Indonesia)
Richard Bell (Australia)
Michael Tuffery (Aotearoa New Zealand)
Dacchi Dang (Australia)
Newell Harry (Australia)
Shigeyuki Kihara (Samoa/Aotearoa New Zealand)
Kimsooja (Korea)
Lisa Reihana (Aotearoa New Zealand)
Khaled Sabsabi (Australia)
Wang Jianwei (China)

For more information please visit the Sydney Festival website.

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